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rachel's random ramblings

...hehe that's alliteration

1 February 1989
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hey! my name is rachel. i go to the university of texas, and i like the beastie boys.

a tribe called quest, adam horovitz, adam yauch, adidas original, adrock, american cheese, americanized chinese food, art, austin, beastie boys, being nocturnal, bevo, brie, bright colors, brunette hair, burnt orange, calendars, canada, charmin ultra, cheddar cheese, cheese, college, colorful shoes, colors, commercials, cooking, crest whitestrips, cruises, dentists, desperate housewives, disney world, dj cotrona, dream meanings, dreams, driving, dvds, eating, family, fannypack, farmers cheese, february 1st, flavored fizzy water, flight of the conchords, food, free shirts, friends, fruit, fun stuff, funny, funny movies, funny stuff, gouda, grey's anatomy, gum, guys, half asians, happy, harry potter, hawaii, hip hop, houston, inside out reese's, italy, jamba juice, jeans, joseph gordon-levitt, las vegas, latin, laughing, life, lip venom, longhorns, los cucos, mca, mediterranean food, memorial city mall, men, mexican food, mike d, money, moose talk, movies, music, my bed, my birthday, my blankie, my chihuahua, nail polish, name meanings, night, nike, nocturnal, obsessiveness, old school, orange, orange and pink, painting my nails, pee wee herman, pei wei, people, personality, pictures, procrastinating, provolone, psychology, randomness, reading, retro, reynaldo gianecchini, shopping, sleeping, smile, smiling, sneakers, sour stuff, star wars, strawberries, stuff, stupid stuff, t-shirts, taking pictures, talking, texas, the blue man group, the princess bride, the sandlot, the simpsons, the sims, the sims 2, tv, underground hiphop, university of texas, ut, volunteering, washing hands, watches, watching tv, weird, white chocolate, white teeth, wii, will smith, working out, yearbooks, yo mamas husbands wife