rachel (razmatazern) wrote,

why joseph gordon-levitt is amazing.

Usually, when i watch a movie because a good-looking actor is in it, i mainly pay attention to how good-looking the actor is instead of getting consumed in the movie. For instance, I watched the Spiderman movies because James Franco is good-looking...i really could've cared less about the movie itself. Shallow and pathetic? yes, i would have to agree. However, i think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very good-looking, yet when i watch movies that he's in, I don't see joseph gordon-levitt anymore. I see Chris Pratt or Brendan or Neil, etc. He is such an amazing actor that i can only see the character that he plays during the movie. Not many good-looking actors can pull that off...for me, at least. Also, Joe seems so real as opposed to an "untouchable celebrity". He even has this great website ( hitrecord.org ). I've been frequenting the website for about a year now...i love how much it has evolved. and another great thing about Joe is that he does things because he wants to, not because somebody told him that it would be good for his career. I just admire and respect him so very much. I'm sure there are loads of other fantastic reasons as to why Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing, but it's 4:30am, and I just felt like writing this while it was on my mind.

*next week: why the beastie boys are amazing. (heh j/k...that would be waaaay too long)
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