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best day of my life.

ok, so i wanted to record this very special day so that i could remember it always...

i went to a beastie boys concert on wednesday in philly and it was very much fun. then, on thursday, i went to atlantic city to see my 3 favorite people. it was a gala event so me, my mom, and my brother dressed appropriately. it took us a while to finally get to the borgata (which is the hotel that they performed at) and i thought i might not be first in line to get in! however, when we got there (about 3 hours before they would let us in the venue) the security wouldn't let us wait in a line or anything until 7, so we just walked around the hotel casino and ate at wolfgang puck while we waited. then we met up with rusty, phil, rob, aimee, and my most favoritest person ever, cey adams!

we hung around until we were allowed to go upstairs where the venue was. when we were finally let upstairs (around 6), i donated my cell phone and bought a t-shirt and had a convo with cey and the rest of my beastie friends. as soon as we were let into the venue, i hurried to the front but we were lacking my mom, rusty, and phil and we couldn't quite make enough room on the rail for all of them. anyways, we waited and talked and met this 12 year old that was cool.

then the show started and, as always, it was amazing. in the middle of the show, i realized that the crowd was super mellow and cool, and i didn't have to hold onto the rail to keep my spot. so i was able to dance freely and take in all the beastie goodness. i absolutely love watching everybody that is on stage during a beastie boys show! just to watch their expressions and every little detail that i would miss if i was not on the front row. however, yauch seemed a bit aggravated during one of the songs because something went wrong with his bass or something like that. i love being on the front row so much because i just feel a connection with the band.

so after the show, we all stuck around and talked about the show and whatnot. then we saw cey, and the security people kept telling everybody to exit the venue so we all walked towards the exit. cey and my mom were talking and i think rusty was talking with them too. i'm not sure what was said during their conversing but the next think i know my brother, mom, and i were following cey and leaving the rest of my beastie friends behind (expecting to see them shortly). i don't think i quite realized what was going on while i was walking past all the concert-goers that were slowly exiting the venue. i was following cey adams and i was going towards the entrance to backstage.

ok, so back when i was california for a beastie boys show, cey adams took us backstage, but the boys had already left so we just kinda hung around and ate their food. but this time, cey didn't mention anything about them not being there. so, we were backstage. cey took us to this room where there was food, and some people in. cey introduced us and told us that the other people were adrock's neighbors. we talked...well, i sat and looked around and listened. if i hadn't been sitting down, i probably would've been pacing and looking like a loser. but instead i was sitting...next to the mom/wife of the neighbor family. she told me that i looked familiar. haha.

so then, adam horovitz walks in casually and looking splendid. for some reason, i hadn't registered that the KING ADROCK had just walked into the same room that i was in. i stood up like everybody else and just kinda stared in amazement. my mom was all "rachel! that's adrock!" i didn't know what to do. i wanted to keep my cool, so i tried staying as calm and nonchalant as possible. adam was talking to his neighbor and cey interrupted their conversation and said "rachel, don't be shy, you can interrupt them...they're neighbors, they can talk any old time!" well, that got adam's attention as he turned his focus to me. i was in awe and shook his hand and this is the the convo as close to what i remember:
me: hi...i'm a really big fan!
adrock: well, thank you. i'm glad you could come to the show.
me: yeah, me too. it was an amazing show! yall did great!
my mom: we came all the way from texas to see yall
adrock: oh wow. hope you enjoyed it
me: yeah, we did! it was definitely worth the trip!....can i get a picture with you?
adrock: yeah, sure!
*brother takes picture*
then cey told me that the boys had to go back to new york so he directed us out of the door as i told adam "bye! i'll see you saturday in maryland!"

then, ask we were walking out of the door mike d just happened to be standing there. my mom was all "rachel! it's mike d!" and i'm like "hey mike d!" my mom says "give him a hug" so i'm like "okay, i guess i'll give you hug"....i don't think he said anything the whole time...he seemed kinda frightened heh. i looked back inside the room and my brother was attempting to open a beer bottle, and i was like "koko! come here!...aaron!" he completely ignored me and i couldn't get a picture with mr. diamond.

i went back inside the room to get my brother so we could leave. he was still trying to open the bottle of beer with a lighter in front of these 2 guys. he eventually gave up and completely embarrassed himself in front of those 2 guys. i scolded him for ignoring me and not taking a picture. then as we walked out of the room for the second time my mom saw mix master mike (the dj) and was like "rachel, look who it is!" and i was all staring at adam yauch who was standing right in front of us and i was like "mom, look!!" and she's like "but it's mix master mike" and i'm like "mom, seriously. look!"

and then she was like "mca!" and he turns around from his convo and just kinda looks at us like "who the heck are you?"
me: hello, my mom is kinda in love with you--
*he cuts me off and points at her*
yauch: weren't you on the front row?
mom: *completely flattered* yes! i can't believe you noticed!
me: can she get a picture with you?...well, i might as well be in the picture too
so my brother joined in the picture and the guy who yauch was talking to took a group picture of us
me: bye! thanks so much, i'll see you saturday at the virgin fest! i'll be on the front row...
yauch: haha, ok, bye.

then we left for good.
and the other group of beastie peeps were not able to meet them since the guys had to go to new york. i felt very bad and i didn't know how to act. and to top it off cey told me to tell them that they wouldn't have a chance to see the guys. of course, he also told me to tell them that he was very very sorry. which i repeated several times. i didn't want them to hate me b/c i really like all my beastie friends very much and i felt very bad because if i was in their position, i would be very sad and disappointed and jealous, etc.

other than not being with my fellow beastie friends while accomplishing my life goal, that night was definitely the best moment in my whole life. i had no idea how i was supposed to feel afterwards. i just accomplished my life goal. what do i do now?

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