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Monday, January 12th, 2009

Subject:2008 recap
Time:1:59 am.
i did this for 2007, and I decided that it would be beneficial for my future self if I record all the highlights of the year. If I do this every year, I can have a nice brief summary of my life starting from 2007.

so without further ado, here's a recap with pictures:

significant moments for me in 2008...Collapse )
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Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Subject:Meeting Zachary Levi at AFF
Time:8:48 pm.
*I just need to document this amazing moment in my life*

I was super excited for the Austin Film Festival mostly because of 2 movies. How to Be starring Robert Pattinson and Shades of Ray starring Zachary Levi. I had my whole film schedule weekend planned out, but then a couple of days before the festival started, they announced that Robert Pattinson would be in attendance for the Saturday screening of How to Be. I had to change my schedule because I couldn't miss seeing Rob. How to Be was showing at 7:15pm, and Shades of Ray was showing at 9:15pm on Saturday. It would be tight, but I was determined to see both...even though I had already seen How to Be on thursday--without Rob Pattinson.

So on Saturday, Tracy, Thuy, and I were so very determined to meet and get a picture with Rob. We pretty much planned our whole day around that very moment. We went to the theater about 3 hours before the movie was to start and waited in line. About 30 min before the movie started, we decided that the chances of us meeting him were slim to none...especially if we were inside the theater with hundreds of fan-girls. so we decided to get out of line and eat dinner at a nearby restaurant in hopes of seeing him go inside. After a couple of false alarms, we decided that we were wasting our time with a bunch of other fan girls, and we should be watching a movie.

so we drove to the Bob Bullocks Texas State History Museum to see Shades of Ray. It was the world premiere, and I couldn't find any info on whether Zac would be there, but I'd rather see him on screen in a movie, than wait outside a theater hoping to see Rob Pattinson. Well, as soon as we walked up the stairs to the lobby of the Spirit Theater, I looked around, and Thuy was like "Rachel. is that him?" I looked to where she was talking about and a huge smile crept onto my face. We walked towards his direction apprehensively. Some guy told us that if we wanted to meet him, we should get closer to him. We did.

He was talking to some guy, so we waited until they were finished talking. As soon as they finished, I asked him if we could get a picture with him. He smiled his gorgeous smile, and said “yeah, of course”. Then he said that he liked my Beastie Boys shirt. That made me like him sooo much more than I already did....and I already liked him a lot. so we got a group pic with him, then John said to him “how would you like to be kissed by 3 beautiful girls?”, and Zac laughed and bent down for us to kiss him. I actually gave him a kiss on the cheek, complete with a kissing sound and couldn't stop smiling. but then i realized that John had yet to take the picture. Later Thuy informed me that she just pretended to kiss his cheek, which is probably what i should've done. Then John said “oh, wait, Tracy’s face was blocked in that picture”, so Zac gave Tracy a big hug for the next picture. Then some of his movie people told him that he had to go, so we said bye to him, and i asked him if he would be at comic con next year. he said "yeah, if i'm invited back".

Thuy and I kept saying that we were jealous of Tracy’s picture, so after the movie, John told Zac that we wanted individual pics with him, and he just laughed and said that it was fine. I told him that I needed a facebook profile picture, and he said "is that what it's come to?" and smiled. So we each got a picture with him...even Tracy got another picture. I gotta say...i'm kinda jealous. Anyways, before we talked to Zac after the movie, we were talking to Fran Kranz (another actor from the movie). he was way cool, and we talked about longhorn football and 6th street and yummy restaurants.

Later that night, we ended up going to 6th street to walk around, and we saw Zac and Fran. This girl was making a commotion in the middle of the street and the police were involved. Zac and Fran were watching...as were we. John went over to Zac and started talking to him before we even realized he was talking to him. So we joined the little circle. Uh..we got invited to a hotel party by some indie filmmakers, so we headed towards the driskill hotel. Zac was going back to his room, so he followed us. As we departed, he said good night to us. and now, i'm pretty much in love with zachary levi. He is really funny and super nice!

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Subject:good-looking guy list
Time:1:51 am.
This list is highly embarrassing and completely pathetic...and maybe even a bit shallow. I know. I just wanted to make a list. More for me than anybody else. The pictures are not supposed to be the most flattering. I chose them because for some reason, they appealed to me.
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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Subject:new obsession...Twilight!
Time:1:27 am.

ok, so this isn't really a new obsession...i just haven't written on livejournal since last year and thought that i should record this. Anyways, the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is kinda really addicting. I haven't read a whole series this fast EVER. back in February, i read 3 books in one week! that's some kind of record for me. aand, considering I'm still thinking about the books is pretty amazing. Another book by Stephenie Meyer comes out today, and I'm going to buy that too. August 2nd- the 4th book in the Twilight Saga comes out. and on December 12th, the Twilight movie comes out. I'm pretty excited...as is most of the women-population on earth...and some men. It's like a virus, and this whole world is becoming infected! craziness. read Twilight, if you haven't already. who would've ever thought that i would enjoy a young-adult vampire romance novel? haha. the end.

*ps- nothing will ever surpass my obsession with Beastie Boys. ever.
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Subject:Pineapple Express!
Time:12:08 am.

so on saturday, there was an early screening of Pineapple Express (which comes out in August). I've been looking forward to this movie since i first saw a trailer for it back in December. Then, when i found out that James Franco and Seth Rogen were going to be in Austin for this early screening, I knew that I was supposed to go to this very special event. The only way to get tickets was to enter a contest or get them from a "secret agent" that was handing out tickets on the UT campus. So I told my brother about it, and he became interested in the movie and talked to a co-worker of his. This co-worker happened to be friends with a "secret agent". To make a long story a bit shorter, I got 2 tickets--each ticket was admit 2.

At the last minute, and after many people bailed out on me, I ended up inviting 3 people that i met from 3 completely different events. I was told that i should wait at a shuttle stop that would take me to alamo drafthouse because these shuttle riders would get guaranteed seats. The movie was to start at 9:30pm. I woke up at 9:30am from a nightmare that involved me being devastated because I wasn't let into the movie. So I decided to go to this "bus stop" at 12pm to see if anybody was there yet. Obviously, nobody was there...actually, there wasn't even a bus stop. there was just an intersection and bums. I had chipotle, checked the intersection, went to the bookstore and bought a magazine, checked the intersection, went to the library to check the computer, went back to the intersection and stayed there at 2:30 because i was becoming waay too nervous. about an hour later, another friend joined me. and from there, more and more people came.

I would say there were over 100 people in the line that i created. 3 shuttles appeared. We got free pizza from Sony people. and a drag rat called me a slut and kinda hit me on my arm. i used anti-bacterial. After a very long wait, I was the first person on the first private shuttle...along with about 10 people i knew. Only about 24 people filled the bus. We got to the theater and saw that there was a huuge line that wrapped around the building. We were let out, and walked straight into alamo drafthouse...me leading. While standing in the lobby, some guy from the line outside was complaining to the manager "I've been waiting in line since 5:45, and these people who just got on a bus at 8 o'clock get to go right in??" the manager didn't know what to say...so i said "if it makes you feel any better, I've been waiting since 12..." the guy said something angry under his breath and stormed out. The guy at the counter gave me a high five. We later found out that only one shuttle full of people made it in the movie, and only about 3 people from outside made it in. The rest of the theater was reserved for people that won a contest and press/vip.

So anyways, the movie itself was AMAZING! there was pot-smoking stuff, lots of pop culture references from the 80s, mesmerizing action sequences, and all-around funniness. It was great. As the credits rolled, I remembered why I watched the whole movie from the very first row. the director (David Gordon Green) and some of the cast (Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, and James Franco) took seats on a stage that was right in front of me. It was nice seeing them from so close. I snapped a few shots and smiled the whole time. After the Q&A, I had to rush out, along with everybody else in the audience. I didn't think I would be able to catch the actors in the lobby. But as soon as I reached the lobby, i saw James. But there was a man in front of me, blocking my way...I was kinda shoving him out of my way, then i looked up and realized it was Danny McBride. I laughed and then went around him to James. Willita (my friend) and I got a real quick pic with James...it was kinda really amazing. Then i headed straight for Seth Rogen. Some girl was all "Seth, can i get a quick pic with you?" and Seth responded with "sorry, the man says we have to go, and he's the boss"...well, i was right next to him, and I was NOT going to let this opportunity pass me by, so i put my arm around him and my friend (Nick) was on the other side of him, and i stuck out my camera, and told Seth that I'm going to take a quick picture...he smiled, and i told him thanks. that picture turned out better than i expected. At least he was actually in the frame.

So after all that excitement, i met up with all my peeps again and we were all raving about the movie and actors and whatnot. We went outside to get back on the bus, and as were walking i saw this guy that looked like Jason Schwartzman and I stared at him for a bit...and he must've thought i was crazy b/c he was staring back, but in my head, i was all "that can't be him..." Well, today I found out that Jason was there. and that was him. I'm kinda bummed that i didn't get a pic with him because he's kinda awesome.

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Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Subject:SXSW!--Adam Yauch!
Time:1:21 am.
In the beginning of the week, i heard that yauch would be there so all of sunday and monday i was expecting to randomly run in to him on the streets, and i had my camera ready in my pocket. I also expected him to be at the showing of the Lee Scratch Perry movie on tuesday, which i knew i couldn't attend, so i was sad. but anyways, monday night i was volunteering at one of the theaters during the midnight showing of a movie called "not your typical bigfoot movie." I was just standing in the front of the theater with a few other volunteers and helping out by answering questions. Then, a familiar face started walking towards my direction, and i caught eyes with him. I couldn't see my expression, but i'm sure it looked something like this: ...in other words, i probably looked scary to the normal person's eye. but he smiled at me and i replied in a really creepy voice "hellooooo" *short pause* "...uh have..um, uh, wha..can uh" then he starts pulling out his badge (identification for SXSW) from his hoodie pockets, and i slightly touch his wrist and say "i KNOW who YOU are" (it didn't sound so creepy to me at the time). in the background, i could hear my friend say "oh my god" as she looked from yauch to me. and then i was able to talk, and kinda just blurted a bunch of stuff out. i asked if he would be at the lee scratch perry movie, and he said he wouldn't because he would be leaving before that. he needed to go in to see the movie so i quickly said something like "i want to talk to you after the movie and take a picture", then a few people suggested we take the picture then, so i did. as he was going inside, i told him "enjoy the movie, mr. yauch!". then he went inside and i started jumping up and down with my friend and talking really fast, incoherently like the little fan-girl that i am .

so yeah, the movie was only an hour long, so my friend and i walked around for a half hour to calm my nerves, so that i could seem normal again. then we headed back to the theater to tell people good-bye as they left the movie. Yauch came down the stairs and i waved at him but didn't really expect him to stop by. however, he's kinda really cool and he did stop. we had a nice little convo, and i didn't want it to ever end, but i knew he had to go. i told him that it was nice meeting him, and he said the same. we said our goodbyes and i wished him luck with his film stuff (only i think i forgot the word "stuff", so it didn't make much sense). it was a beautiful night, and i was the happiest person in the world.

well, anyways, other than that, i also saw this movie called Beautiful Losers. Money Mark did most of the music that was featured in the film. It was by far, my favorite movie that i saw during SXSW (and i'm not just saying that because of money mark's role in it). In the movie, they were showing some artwork and they flashed a beastie boys poster across the screen. and money mark was there for the Q&A, so i got a picture with him.

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Monday, December 31st, 2007

Subject:2007 was a grand year.
Time:3:58 am.
So, I've come to the conclusion that 2007 was one heck of an awesome year for me. Usually years all seem the same, but this year was different. it was a significant year for me. the year i've been looking forward to since i was in middle school. the year i will always remember.

i'll sum up the significance...under an lj cut.

my year in review...with pictures!Collapse )
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Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Subject:why joseph gordon-levitt is amazing.
Time:4:12 am.

Usually, when i watch a movie because a good-looking actor is in it, i mainly pay attention to how good-looking the actor is instead of getting consumed in the movie. For instance, I watched the Spiderman movies because James Franco is good-looking...i really could've cared less about the movie itself. Shallow and pathetic? yes, i would have to agree. However, i think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very good-looking, yet when i watch movies that he's in, I don't see joseph gordon-levitt anymore. I see Chris Pratt or Brendan or Neil, etc. He is such an amazing actor that i can only see the character that he plays during the movie. Not many good-looking actors can pull that off...for me, at least. Also, Joe seems so real as opposed to an "untouchable celebrity". He even has this great website ( hitrecord.org ). I've been frequenting the website for about a year now...i love how much it has evolved. and another great thing about Joe is that he does things because he wants to, not because somebody told him that it would be good for his career. I just admire and respect him so very much. I'm sure there are loads of other fantastic reasons as to why Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing, but it's 4:30am, and I just felt like writing this while it was on my mind.

*next week: why the beastie boys are amazing. (heh j/k...that would be waaaay too long)
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Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Subject:psychology writing
Time:2:32 am.
For psychology, we had to write a story describing a picture
the picture and storyCollapse )
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Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Subject:best day of my life.
Time:12:08 am.
ok, so i wanted to record this very special day so that i could remember it always...

i went to a beastie boys concert on wednesday in philly and it was very much fun. then, on thursday, i went to atlantic city to see my 3 favorite people. it was a gala event so me, my mom, and my brother dressed appropriately. it took us a while to finally get to the borgata (which is the hotel that they performed at) and i thought i might not be first in line to get in! however, when we got there (about 3 hours before they would let us in the venue) the security wouldn't let us wait in a line or anything until 7, so we just walked around the hotel casino and ate at wolfgang puck while we waited. then we met up with rusty, phil, rob, aimee, and my most favoritest person ever, cey adams!

we hung around until we were allowed to go upstairs where the venue was. when we were finally let upstairs (around 6), i donated my cell phone and bought a t-shirt and had a convo with cey and the rest of my beastie friends. as soon as we were let into the venue, i hurried to the front but we were lacking my mom, rusty, and phil and we couldn't quite make enough room on the rail for all of them. anyways, we waited and talked and met this 12 year old that was cool.

then the show started and, as always, it was amazing. in the middle of the show, i realized that the crowd was super mellow and cool, and i didn't have to hold onto the rail to keep my spot. so i was able to dance freely and take in all the beastie goodness. i absolutely love watching everybody that is on stage during a beastie boys show! just to watch their expressions and every little detail that i would miss if i was not on the front row. however, yauch seemed a bit aggravated during one of the songs because something went wrong with his bass or something like that. i love being on the front row so much because i just feel a connection with the band.

so after the show, we all stuck around and talked about the show and whatnot. then we saw cey, and the security people kept telling everybody to exit the venue so we all walked towards the exit. cey and my mom were talking and i think rusty was talking with them too. i'm not sure what was said during their conversing but the next think i know my brother, mom, and i were following cey and leaving the rest of my beastie friends behind (expecting to see them shortly). i don't think i quite realized what was going on while i was walking past all the concert-goers that were slowly exiting the venue. i was following cey adams and i was going towards the entrance to backstage.

ok, so back when i was california for a beastie boys show, cey adams took us backstage, but the boys had already left so we just kinda hung around and ate their food. but this time, cey didn't mention anything about them not being there. so, we were backstage. cey took us to this room where there was food, and some people in. cey introduced us and told us that the other people were adrock's neighbors. we talked...well, i sat and looked around and listened. if i hadn't been sitting down, i probably would've been pacing and looking like a loser. but instead i was sitting...next to the mom/wife of the neighbor family. she told me that i looked familiar. haha.

so then, adam horovitz walks in casually and looking splendid. for some reason, i hadn't registered that the KING ADROCK had just walked into the same room that i was in. i stood up like everybody else and just kinda stared in amazement. my mom was all "rachel! that's adrock!" i didn't know what to do. i wanted to keep my cool, so i tried staying as calm and nonchalant as possible. adam was talking to his neighbor and cey interrupted their conversation and said "rachel, don't be shy, you can interrupt them...they're neighbors, they can talk any old time!" well, that got adam's attention as he turned his focus to me. i was in awe and shook his hand and this is the the convo as close to what i remember:
me: hi...i'm a really big fan!
adrock: well, thank you. i'm glad you could come to the show.
me: yeah, me too. it was an amazing show! yall did great!
my mom: we came all the way from texas to see yall
adrock: oh wow. hope you enjoyed it
me: yeah, we did! it was definitely worth the trip!....can i get a picture with you?
adrock: yeah, sure!
*brother takes picture*
then cey told me that the boys had to go back to new york so he directed us out of the door as i told adam "bye! i'll see you saturday in maryland!"

then, ask we were walking out of the door mike d just happened to be standing there. my mom was all "rachel! it's mike d!" and i'm like "hey mike d!" my mom says "give him a hug" so i'm like "okay, i guess i'll give you hug"....i don't think he said anything the whole time...he seemed kinda frightened heh. i looked back inside the room and my brother was attempting to open a beer bottle, and i was like "koko! come here!...aaron!" he completely ignored me and i couldn't get a picture with mr. diamond.

i went back inside the room to get my brother so we could leave. he was still trying to open the bottle of beer with a lighter in front of these 2 guys. he eventually gave up and completely embarrassed himself in front of those 2 guys. i scolded him for ignoring me and not taking a picture. then as we walked out of the room for the second time my mom saw mix master mike (the dj) and was like "rachel, look who it is!" and i was all staring at adam yauch who was standing right in front of us and i was like "mom, look!!" and she's like "but it's mix master mike" and i'm like "mom, seriously. look!"

and then she was like "mca!" and he turns around from his convo and just kinda looks at us like "who the heck are you?"
me: hello, my mom is kinda in love with you--
*he cuts me off and points at her*
yauch: weren't you on the front row?
mom: *completely flattered* yes! i can't believe you noticed!
me: can she get a picture with you?...well, i might as well be in the picture too
so my brother joined in the picture and the guy who yauch was talking to took a group picture of us
me: bye! thanks so much, i'll see you saturday at the virgin fest! i'll be on the front row...
yauch: haha, ok, bye.

then we left for good.
and the other group of beastie peeps were not able to meet them since the guys had to go to new york. i felt very bad and i didn't know how to act. and to top it off cey told me to tell them that they wouldn't have a chance to see the guys. of course, he also told me to tell them that he was very very sorry. which i repeated several times. i didn't want them to hate me b/c i really like all my beastie friends very much and i felt very bad because if i was in their position, i would be very sad and disappointed and jealous, etc.

other than not being with my fellow beastie friends while accomplishing my life goal, that night was definitely the best moment in my whole life. i had no idea how i was supposed to feel afterwards. i just accomplished my life goal. what do i do now?

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