rachel (razmatazern) wrote,

psychology writing

For psychology, we had to write a story describing a picture

this is my story:

Every since Ingrid was a child, she always found chemistry fascinating. She loved mixing things together and witnessing the results. In elementary school, she would mix her milk and her water together and taste the results. Many times her experiments were deemed unsatisfactory by her peers, but she kept experimenting on new things and learned a great deal from each experiment. She even received a kid-sized chemistry kit for her 10th birthday. By the time she was in college, she had combined more things together than any normal person could even fathom. She knew what worked, and she knew what did not work. Ingrid also experienced many painful scars. She still has a scar on her finger from when one of her experiments exploded. Many people believed that Ingrid was only good at mixing together chemicals that they had never heard of before, but Ingrid was much more than a mad scientist. Ingrid was also a fantastic baker. She could bake the best lemon meringue pie that has ever existed. A couple of people even died from eating her pie because they had experienced an explosion of taste in their mouth that caused them to die of shock. All the women in the town wanted Ingrid's recipe, but Ingrid kept it a secret. The one person that wanted that recipe the most was Ingrid's best friend, Doris. Doris knew more things about Ingrid than anybody else. She also knew that Ingrid's secret ingredient could only be accessed using a chemistry lab. Doris needed that recipe because her boyfriend would leave her if she didn't make him the most scrumptious lemon meringue pie that he would ever eat. He wanted to know that his relationship would consist of yummy treats at his pleasure. Doris needed to keep her relationship with him because she was beginning to look like an old lady--especially with her new glasses. No man would ever fall in love with her again (at least in her eyes). So Doris watched Ingrid's every step in the chemistry lab. She waited for when Ingrid was about to bake her infamous pie and would become a vulture watching its prey. Of course, Doris played it off cool. Ingrid never suspected a thing from her best friend. Finally, the day came that Doris came upon the secret ingredient. She saw Ingrid adding her special purple goo to some lemon juice, and she knew right away that that was the thing she has been waiting for! She stealthly snuck a small test tube filled with the purple goo into her handbag, and headed home. As soon as she got into her kitchen, she began going to work. She worked on that pie for hours! Her boyfriend stopped by just in time for the pie to come out of the oven. He could not wait to try this masterpiece of a dessert. After letting it cool down in the fridge for about an hour, Doris sliced a giant piece for her boyfriend. He slowly brought the first bite up to his quivering lips, and he knew that it would be good even before his tongue tasted the sour-goodness. After that first bite, he gobbled his slice down as if he would die without it. Unfortunately, his taste buds exploded and he suddenly died of shock. Doris was amazed that her lemon meringue pie could have those kind of results, and she patted herself on the back for doing such a good job.

and apparently, this is what my story says about me:

LIWC dimension Your data Male average Female average
Need for Achievement 5.31 5.8 5.6
Need for Affiliation 1.26 1.1 1.3
Need for power 1.64 2.0 2.2
Self-references (I, me, my) 0.60 0.5 0.8
Social words 11.93 11.4 12.0
Positive emotions 2.11 1.8 2.1
Negative emotions 1.55 1.5 1.6
Big words (> 6 letters) 18.38 19.0 18.3

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